Come nasce l'intimo modellante?

How is modeling underwear born?

From the corset to the high-waisted girdle - The history of compression underwear

Since the most distant historical eras, every woman's dream was to be able to emphasize  your silhouette appearing beautiful and seductive. Over the centuries, however, the containing underwear has not always been what we know today, and its history has gone through various stages.

Here's a little rundown on how shapewear has evolved from the past to the present day.

Corsets and whalebones

In the 1800s we find the first ancestor of modern compression underwear, the corset. Women wore it to shape their body giving it an "hourglass" shape , which is still considered very sexy today.
The problem was that this was more of a torture device than a piece of clothing! It was in fact made with constrictive materials, such as whalebone and metal, forcing the body and preventing breathing.

The 50s

In the history of shaping underwear , a first change took place in the 1920s and 1930s, when bras and briefs began to appear. At that time, underwear began to be not only a way to enhance female curves, but also a beautiful and much more comfortable piece of clothing.

The real breakthrough however came in the 1950s, with the introduction of stretch fabric , such as rayon and spandex . Even though the term shapewear didn't exist yet, underwear had become easy to wear by now. In short, we were now far from the constricting garments of the previous century!

Bustiers and bras finally enhanced the shapes under long dresses and flared skirts, making the figure more harmonious .

The revolution of shaping underwear

Over the following decades, underwear became increasingly practical, until shapewear and shapewear appeared in the early 2000s . This has now become a MUST HAVE for every woman who wants to feel confident and seductive by wearing what she wants, without sacrificing comfort.

Girdles, bodysuits and seamless underwear are designed to adapt to the shape of the body for every occasion , from everyday life to an elegant evening. Furthermore, they are perfect garments to wear under trousers or tight-fitting dresses, without marking the figure

The real revolution in shapewear is therefore that it has made underwear truly inclusive. Thanks to shapewear, all women can feel beautiful and confident, regardless of size or type of body .

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