Come vestirsi in base alla forma del proprio fisico ?

How to dress according to the shape of your body ?

The secret to always appearing in top form is learning to sculpt your body with the most suitable shapewear for us!

Choosing the right lingerie can change the perception of one's body and the fit of any dress, so it is very important to understand which underwear to wear to enhance our curves and hide small imperfections.

To have a flat stomach, the compression shorts tend to streamline the hips, stomach and lumbar area.
They are invisible under any type of garment, and show immediate results.

If, on the other hand, you want to treat yourself to a well-defined B-side, the ideal underwear is the shaping petticoat that enhances the bottom and hips.

For a round or apple-shaped physique, the best choice is the shaping body. They are very light and create a slimming effect at any time of the day.

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